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Welcome to K&B Couriers
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K&B Couriers was founded on a few very simple ideals. Deliver on what you promise at a fair rate while earning trust. Through the experience of having a management position at a courier company quite some time ago, our founder came to the realization that, in his words, "most courier services are inferior." His idea was to start a dedicated medical courier service based on making a promise and delivering on it. He decided to hitch his wagon to something bigger than himself. For this, he knew he needed to build a team of enthusiastic individuals that would be treated with respect and be expected to perform to the highest standards. So in 1995, K&B Couriers was formed. Since those early years, we have changed with the times, evolving from stacks of paper maps and hand written delivery reports to modern day pin point accurate GPS tracking and real time client interface portals. Our presence in the medical community has grown from a Pennsylvania based operation to include all points on the East Coast, continuing through the Midwestern states. We have never wavered from that founding core principle of "keeping a promise to earn the trust." We realize that we are the final step in making a process complete. We take the worry out of your day.

K&B Couriers is the natural choice for all of your dedicated medical logistic needs. "Can't", "won't" and "couldn't" are words we never speak. Let us help you focus on growth and we can handle the rest. We stake our reputation on it.

Take a look at our services

K&B Couriers affords the medical community a network for the exchange of information, documents and supplies. K&B Couriers allows for one-stop-shipping, with the best same-day and scheduled delivery service.

K&B Couriers is committed to ensuring that all of your delivery needs are achieved and we will accommodate the demands of your business by designing a custom package.

Benefits to you

  • Same-Day and Scheduled Route Medical Courier
  • NEW Barcode Scanning Technology
  • Statewide network coverage
  • Private Prescription Collections
  • 100% on-time delivery
  • We respond positively to our customer requests to changes in routes, times and handling requirements
  • Fill-in coverage of your in-house routes
  • STAT Deliveries
  • Our first priority is always our customers and their packages
  • Our drivers and vehicles are insured for your protection
  • We value patient privacy, therefore, all our drivers are HIPAA Compliant.