It's simple, K&B Couriers provides professional uniformed couriers who are specifically selected for your account. Our couriers are supported by live management 24 hours per day, every day. Management members are well versed in the unique details of your account and are fully empowered to make real-time, on-the-spot decisions to resolve issues so you are never kept waiting.

Knowledgeable and Experienced

Each account is assigned a dedicated driver pool well versed in the specific needs of your account . We'll never employ the common practice of "piggybacking." This is a dangerous action that compromises accuracy while placing your account at risk toward increasing courier profit margins. Dedicated means dedicated and it shows in our performance.

We Provide

  •  24/7/365 Delivery

    We are there as required and as specified. K&B couriers is in continuous operation all day every day. We pick up and deliver in all weather.

  •  Temperature Controlled Delivery

    Temperature controlled transport utilizing proper containment vessels for individual account needs.

  •  Laboratory Delivery

    Timing, accuracy and concise handling can make or break the process. We utilize various state of the art technologies to assure each and every step is monitored and verified. We provide full client interface so you can see what we see. This allows us to develop trends to see where we can be at specific times aiding in proper planning. Our goal is to allow our clients to concentrate on growth while we handle the logistics. We inform each courier with specific facility closing times as well as building lock out times and any other details to assure success. This guarantees we are never too early and never too late.

  •  Pharmaceutical & Hospital

    Specialized medicines require unique item specific handling protocol. We are adept at transporting short shelf life drugs, additives and compounded medications accommodating the administration schedule within required timeframes. We do this each day 24/7, including all holidays. K&B Couriers employs an electronic signature process so you can see in real time when and who received your delivery. We realize that when dealing with hospital deliveries, early is on time and on time is late.